Where can I find 3D printable files for 3D printing?

Check out these sites below for some great 3d models

TINKERCAD by Autodesk offers not only a gallery of 3D designs by aspiring makers, it also offers a FREE tool to make and design your own files.

Pinshape curated a great selection of premium and free STL files from the community for you to download and print. Find something 3D printable and let us know.

Nasa offers a selection of 3D printable models that are important moments in the human exploration of space and the cosmos. Go on and check it out!

Thingiverse is one of the best places to find plenty of things. Ranging from toys to functional parts. Odds are if it's a common thing, they have it, and we can print it

MyMiniFactory is a place where you can get models that have guaranteed 3d printabality. Some are free, some paid.

Cults3D is an amazing site with some of the best models we have seen. A good bit of them are paid models, but you won't be disapointed.

While designed for owners of Prusa 3D Printers. (We have 5) This website also offers models for almost any need.

Well, we have to mention ourselves. If you can't find what you are looking for, perhaps we can make it for you? Click the link and let us know.