NOV 25 2021

Hello from the UK everyone.

I have just completed the agreed AirDrop of 100 000 Peach to the successful addresses.

These transactions can all be viewed on the Algo Explorer HERE

For full transparency I have completed 86 transactions of 100k Peach with a further 14 addresses needing the users to add the asset, a total of 100 as advertised. These users were audited a few weeks ago and all held the ASA at the point of applying for the drop, so I have sent a reminder to those 14 users to get Peach re-added to their wallet in order to receive their drop.

If for any reason those people fail to add the asset over the next few days, we will look to select others who do meet the criteria.

As for everyone else who participated in the sign up but was not selected this time around, I will remind you all that over the next few weeks and months we will be sending out a series of smaller air drops to to ensure all who participated and met the criteria for the airdrop will receive some Peach. The wallets will be selected by random number generator to keep it fair.

Thank you to every single person who participated and well done to those who now have their 100k Peach!

Lastly, we want to wish everyone here a Happy Thanksgiving and hope your day and coming weekend bring you plenty to be thankful for.

Peach and Love

Edit Addition

The air drop was completed with funds directly from my original pot when I joined the team. Once this process is finished. The 10million Peach I have sent out from my account will be replenished from the creator account.

This will be a large transaction so we wanted to keep you well informed of it.

NOV 23 2021

Hello Community!

As you all know, Peach is here to stay. Thank you for sticking with us. We’re hiring devs, building the community, meeting roadmap targets, finalising white papers, obtaining verification and undertaking significant business development in the background.

Company Incorporation in United States of America (Georgia)

In line with the continued development of the long term trajectory of this ASA and it’s reputation within Algorand, we are pleased to announce we have received documentation confirming Peach Capital Partners is now a registered Limited Liability Corporation in the USA.

White Paper

This is a traditional White Paper, which meets institutional requirements by highlighting and solving a genuine issue, unlike other ‘White Paper’s’ which are banded about but are unfortunately effectively only elongated pitch decks with little real use.

The author suffered a burn accident recently and so drafting of the White Paper has been slower than usual. I’m sure you will join us in wishing him a speedy recovery to full heath. That said, like the trooper he is, please find the abstract below:

Distribution methods in the cryptocurrency environment lack many safeguards and processes that traditional financial instruments due to the decentralized nature and regulations that are not applicable to cryptocurrencies. The risk of early sales and developer rug pulls can cause the projects to face rocky and uncertain initial life cycle phases. As result the long-term success of the project can be significantly impacted by the current distribution methods such as the traditional ICO “initial coin offering” and airdrops which can have significant risks for liquidity shortages and rug pulls by both the early adopters and the developers in the form of early cash outs from liquidity pools. A potential solution to mitigate these risks and Inspire confidence in the project can exist in the form of time restrictive distribution's for both the developers and the recipients of both airdrops and initial coin offering via smart contract protocols. The prerequisites for such a smart contract protocol requires that the project be deployed on a 3.0 compatible blockchain. This distribution methodology encourages long term success in a project by creating a net present value of the tokens that is greater than the value of the asset at the time of distribution had a non timed series distribution occurred.

Airdrop Distribution

As planned, Thursday 25th November. Please remember the various liquidity pools on Tinyman.

Finally, we take this moment to wish all of those celebrating Thanksgiving this week a truly happy time.

Stay Peachy

Community Update NOV 13 2021

Ok, Time for the semi regular update. lets go


So big news, we have just struck a deal with a veteran developer with 13 years enterprise development experience and 7 of those years have been in a fintech Fortune 500 company. He has worked in development and project management. A perfect for the team and thus we have hired him.

We are paying him a total of 125 million PEACH. (125,000,000) The payment will be made with 62.5 million from the treasury peaches, and 62.5 million (62,500,000) from the founders wallet. Thus increasing the circulating supply to 812.5 million (812,500,000)

The developer will be bound to The 24 hour advance notice agreement and thus will at all times be required to post any transfers over 100k PEACH outside of his personal wallets.

In addition he is bound to the same 1 year lock up agreement on the 62.5 million PEACH that is coming from the founders wallet. In addition He is bound to a 30 day lock up on the 62.5 million PEACH that is being paid from the treasury.

We are still on track to hit our development goals and this addition to the team helps solidify this.


Anyone can establish a liquidity pool in many of the liquidity pool sites available out there. Peach understands this, but we want our name to mean something. Thus we are launching #PEACHAPPROVED, an initiative to assist people in identifying notable and worthwhile ASA’s that are in the very early stages of development. Projects that reach out to us or projects we reach out to can begin the process of approval. We will discuss the project's scope, tokenomics, team and other important factors to determine if it's one of an appropriate risk tolerance for us.

If Peach approval status is obtained it means we have vetted the counterparty and deem it to be one of acceptable risks for our portfolio and thus we will underwrite the liquidity pool with our Peaches. To be very clear this is not an endorsement of the project for any investment in a crypto portfolio. If you choose to acquire said ASA you must do so at your own risk, but know that we have a vested interest in the success of the project if it obtains Peach approval and we have contributed peaches to the liquidity pool. Approval can be revoked at any time as changing conditions may warrant a rescission of approval status. The cost to apply for peach approval is FREE presently but will have a small fee paid in PEACHES associated with it in the future which is in relation to the size of the initial liquidity pool.


We know many of you were expecting the release of the “White paper” this week, but in our opinion it is not ready to be published. We had a lot of work behind the scenes this week and that is what is pushing back the paper. Which leads us to the next topic


This week has been especially good for the ASA Akita Inu. We are very proud of the success and accomplishment ths ASA has achieved in such a short period of time. We know the team is ambitious, and that ambition may have led them to make a few possibly premature comments regarding Yieldly partnerships. We can’t fault them for being this way, but we at Peach can't afford to be as cavalier with our news. Therefore we won’t post news until it is ready to be published. There are plenty of things going on behind the scenes we would LOVE to share, but until the deal is done and we can post about it. We will keep it internal.


This is a last minute addition to the release. We are well aware of what is going on with the tiny man pools. They have posted about how some pools have issues that cause a locking of funds inside of it. We are closely monitoring the situation and if anybody is encountering issues with any Peach pools, do not hesitate to reach out to us mods. We are already discussing contingency plans in case something is affected. If necessary, we will share our decisions and open the floor to community input if we have to seriously consider any of our contingency plans.

That is what we have for you so far. We greatly appreciate you sticking with us. And the best is yet to come.

Stay Peachy


Peach Drop Community Update - Its a big one!


Thank you to everyone for your patience as we worked to get this round of information prepared for delivery. We have some ground to cover so, let's jump right in.

Website Launch.

With details of our Road Map, How to get your hands on some Peach, contact information and details of projects we are looking to bring to the community, our website is now live.

The website will grow and evolve as we move along our timeline, so keep checking back to see updates.

#PeachGiving AirDrop

To celebrate this community and give some thanks, we are now ready to send out details of our next AirDrop, named #PeachGiving.

To keep things fair we are using a sign up form via Google to ensure the recipients are active users and not new account creating AirDrop chasers.

We will be opening the form for 2 weeks or until 500 valid applications are received. Each application will be numbered as we receive it (first being number 1 and so on) and we will then use a random number generator to pick 100 people to receive 100k Peach, each!

We will be looking to complete the transactions on November 25th.

The remaining applicants that miss out on this AirDrop will enter a pool and each month we will complete a lottery to distribute a further 50k worth of coins. The lottery will have a slowly decreasing prize each month until all entrants have received some tokens. This ensures all people who participate receive at least some reward, but we keep it as fair and as open as possible.

We will post an update on who has been entered and the results each month.

The form can be found here

Liquidity Update.

All liquidity pools are listed in our Pinned Post

The pools are being used well and are being added to slowly by ourselves as well as community members.

We are extremely thrilled that people see the value of peach. Recently an unknown wallet holder decided to sell his peach on the exchanges. We understand that this has had an effect on the price of Peach, but people have financial needs, and we are glad that they were able to get theirs solved via selling their holdings.

To further help with stability, we will introduce 24 Hour hold off periods on all trades to be made by us over 100000 Peach, we will post details of what it's for and why it's happening so people can make the best decisions about timing their own transactions and understand why there might be volatility.