Our Capabilities

Additive Manufacturing

Whether you need a single part for rapid prototyping or a small-scale production, our FFF Printers and Resin printers are here to produce ready to use parts. If you need a single part or want to go to market with a product without expensive tooling costs contact us today.

Dimensional Accuracy

When the utmost in precision is required our engineering grade printers deliver. With <0.005 mm, 5-micron accuracy and on some devices 1.25-micron accuracy our team produces parts that meet the specifications to the best that technology can provide.

Advanced Materials

Depending on the needs of the application we use materials ranging from plant based Bio-Polymers all the way to 316L Stainless steel. Whether you need parts that are able to take the heat, are impact resistance, or suitable for cold environments we will work with you to select the best solution and make it happen.

Know what you want? email us at info@peachconcepts.com and we can send a quote over right away.